Monday, January 4, 2010

Denver Medical Marijuana Patients

Denver medical marijuana users enjoy the protection both of Colorado's Amendment 20 and a Denver city ordinance stating that the adult possession of less than one ounce of marijuana is Denver's lowest law enforcement priority. Under state law, adult possession of marijuana remains illegal. Therefore, medical marijuana users in Denver should not rely on decriminalization to protect them, and should take the appropriate steps to join Colorado's medical marijuana registry and to obtain an identification card.
Pain Management of Colorado, Inc., operates a Denver marijuana dispensary. Pain Management of Colorado guides new medical marijuana patients through the application process to become a legal medical marijuana user in Denver, step by step, with the goal of making the experience easy and hassle-free. The dispensary's team of medical marijuana doctors assists patients with qualifying conditions in obtaining a medical marijuana recommendation. Following the approval of each patient's application to become a registered medical marijuana patient, a team of professional medical marijuana caregivers can help patients obtain medical-grade marijuana legally and affordably.

Qualifying conditions that make a person eligible to become a Denver medicinal marijuana patient include glaucoma, cancer, severe nausea, HIV/AIDS, cachexia (wasting that results from several diseases), seizures (including those related to epilepsy), severe chronic pain, muscle spasticity and muscle spasms (often associated with multiple sclerosis). In addition, patients who experience the symptoms listed due to treatment for a primary condition not listed may be eligible to use medical marijuana legally in Denver. For example, if your primary condition is fibromyalgia (not listed), but the medication prescribed to you for that primary condition causes severe nausea, you may be able to obtain a medical marijuana recommendation in order to alleviate the severe nausea experienced as a side-effect of treatment. Finally, it is possible to petition the state to make an addition to the list of approved conditions. However, all such petitions submitted since the passage of Amendment 20 have been denied.

Available to registered medical marijuana patients at Pain Management of Colorado's Denver marijuana dispensary are numerous products intended to provide the benefits of medicinal marijuana in the form most palatable and convenient to each patient. While some evidence indicates that medical marijuana is most effective when smoked, some patients prefer to eat or vaporize medical marijuana. Reasons for choosing an alternative to smoking medical marijuana might include lung health, taste, smell, or the need to continue taking medical marijuana while away from home.

Denver marijuana patients are comparatively unlikely to experience prosecution if they adhere to Colorado state law when using medical marijuana. If a medical marijuana patient is charged with a crime in Denver while using medicinal marijuana legally, Amendment 20 provides an affirmative defense against criminal charges. However, patients should be aware that both the existing law and the absence of anti-discrimination laws may expose them to prosecution or discrimination if medical marijuana is used in public, in a way that endangers others, while operating a motor vehicle, or where an employer or landlord can discover medical marijuana use. Denver medical marijuana patients are advised to use medical marijuana primarily in the privacy of their own homes in order to enjoy the greatest possible degree of legal protection.

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